Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Credit to Siti Nurhaliza, Ella, Ezlynn, Misha Omar, and Waheeda - A Premonition of Hijrah?(!)


I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Siti Nurhaliza, Ella, Ezlynn, Misha Omar, and Waheeda for the wonderful nasheed performance performed by them entitled "Mohon PadaNya Sujud PadaNya (Ask from Him, Prostrate to Him)".

To those who may not know Ella, Siti, Misha, Ezlynn, and Waheeda, they are among the most prominent Malaysian female artistes, respectable in their own caliber (Ella in Rock, Siti, Misha and Ezlynn in Contemporary Ballads, Pop and Irama Malaysia, and Waheeda in Nasheed).

This is indeed a positive progress towards them representing a character, or at least, part of the character of a Muslim lady - an exhibit of modesty of wearing the hijab. What more, the message carried in the nasheed is indeed noteworthy for us to listen and learn.

Is this the premonition of Hijrah; the rebirth and resurgence of the higher conscience to come? Or is this a one time-off nasyid performance discreet from the norms? I sincerely hope that it would be the former. I'd love to see those female celebrities carry the good name of Islam with them, knowing the fact that they are the Muslim themselves, through positive songs like such and of course, their beautiful yet modest apparels - especially the hijab. For certain, if this is to be kept consistent, it would truly lead to a positive social change to their fans, especially the younger ones.

No, I don't ask them to abandon their career and God-given talent; by all means, do continue o Ella, Siti, Ezlynn, Misha, and Waheeda in your world of Rock music, Contemporary Ballads, Pop, Irama Malaysia and Nasheed, for we'd love to listen to your beautiful songs! It's just that I sincerely believe that the beauty of those songs could be extensively compounded if included in them meaningful advices and modest appearances as reflected in this very nasheed you all sang.

For the rest of us, let us support this revitalization of conscience! Let us awake from the nightmare of forgetfulness that had lead us astray from getting closer to our Creator.

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