Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Between Two Love

Have you ever been in love or enamored by things or people that forever leave a trail or a mark your memories before? If so, then you may know what I am about to deliberate. The feeling is so strong that it shakes and shrivel even the most astute of mind and heart. Yet, it is hard to comprehend even by the lovers, let alone the bystanders. And so as we the trudge on journey of life, when it comes to choose between The two, which one will we take?

Thank you Raihan brothers for the reminder.

Antara Dua Cinta (Between Two Love) - Raihan

Apa yang ada jarang disyukuri
What one has is seldom appreciated
Apa yang tiada sering dirisaukan
(But) what one has not is often envied
Nikmat yang dikecap barukan terasa
Attained blessings is only understood
Bila hilang di dalam genggaman
When they are lost within the grasp

Apa yang diburu timbul rasa jemu
What one hunts are soon wearied
Bila sudah di dalam genggaman
When it is within the grasp

Dunia ibarat air laut
The world* is like sea water
Diminum hanya menambah haus
When consumed, it only adds the thirst
Nafsu bagaikan fatamorgana
Desire is like a mirage
Indah di mata namun tiada
Pleasing to the eyes but nonexistent

Panas yang membahang disangka air
The blazing heat is reckoned as water
Dunia dan nafsu bagai bayang-bayang
The world and desire are like shadows
Dilihat ada ditangkap hilang
Can be seen, but gone when captured

Tuhan leraikanlah dunia
God, unlace (the love of) the world
Yang mendiam di dalam hatiku
that rest in my heart
Kerana di situ tidak ku mampu
Because I am not capable
Mengumpul dua cinta
Of accumulating two loves

Hanya cinta-Mu
It is only Your love
Ku harap tumbuh
I yearn to grow
Dibajai bangkai nafsu yang kubunuh
Fertilized by the remains of desire I slew

*Dunia = borrowed from Arabic word, dunya, that literally means "the world". However, it has a deeper connotation of negative attachment, lust, longing, and desire for worldly things. One of the interpretations in Arabic for dunya is "grasping for the grape that one can never reach", perhaps sums up the meaning of "dunia".