Sunday, February 3, 2008

I admire her


No, I'm not writing about a love story here. Rather, I want to share an interview that I've found in YouTube.

For what you about to watch is an interview with the best SPM 2006 student (no, I won't be mistaken this time).

In the interview, she mentioned her success formulas in the SPM as well as her future ambitions and expectations as a student and a scholar.

This is, as the way I see her, a true success story. Not only in the academic that she scored the straight A's; she is well versed in the Qur'an (up to the date of the interview, she memorized 13 juzuks!) as well as her pious character and commendable behavior - very soft spoken and humble.

Thus, it is my wish to call into attention of the readers out there to watch the interview with this amazing and beautiful character - meet Siti Fatimah!

I highly recommend this to my siblings who are currently in secondary and primary schools, junior TUNAZIANS, and current and future SPM candidates.

Others who are interested to learn the Fatimah's general success formula as a student, what more - as a Muslimah, are also welcomed to watch the video.

To watch the video, copy and paste the link below:

To Siti Fatimah, May Allah's blessings shower you always. I pray for your success in this life and the hereafter. May one day you will be the spearhead who contribute to this Ummah, our Nation, and the whole humanity, amin...

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