Thursday, September 15, 2011

16/9/11: What a Malaysia Day Parade!

A well staged Malaysia Day parade after a momentous Prime Minister's speech last night. Head of Sarawak and Head of Sabah are recognized second and third from the Supreme Ruler of the Federation in degree of importance in protocol, implicitly recognizing the Constitutional State components of Malaysia: Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya.

Najib did not leave together with the Lordly departures. Instead, he stayed behind for a brief ad-lib Malaysia Day thank you speech with a loud 1Malaysia and Merdeka hail in the end, aiming his notes to young Malaysians.

Merdeka Day seems to receive a second degree importance to give way for Malaysia Day:"Freedom from British the colonist" sentiment is now suppresed to give way for "a united people of Malaysia" sentiment.

Orang Asli and Siamese ethnic costumes, however modified, are now mentioned and made public by the mainstream media in the cultural dress parade, in addition to the omnipresent Malays, Ibans etc.

None among the formal opposition leaders were seen present. Instead, Pakatan began the day to claim credit for ISA abolishment and touted about Buku Jingga, not congratulate the Federation for its 48th Malaysia Day.

Najib's Federation politics maneuver is reaching a new height.

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