Monday, January 26, 2009

President Obama's Foreign Policy: No CHANGE? A Comment by Dr. Ron Paul

Have you have ever heard about Dr. Ron Paul? I bet not many outside the United States (and even in the United States herself) know much about him because of the media blackout he suffered. Just a very quick introduction about him: he was a running candidate of the Republican party for President (yes, that's the same party as John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin; Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were candidates from the Democratic party); he is a present Congressman of Texas. More about Dr. Paul here.

Listen to what he has to say about President Obama's foreign policy:

Dr. Paul, from time to time, posts his video responses at YouTube. Why not visit his site at YouTube here?


Farhan said...

i really hope RP could make to WH one day..he's old enough though. if it is not him, maybe his son could.

nova said...

Yea, I hope him or anybody who adheres to the principle of universal justice and considerate, rational mind would do in that matter.

Zydah said...

The great problem surrounding partisan politics is agenda setting. Of course, its purpose is to highlight what is (or seems) to be important to the electorate, but it takes a lot of conviction. Add to that some perceived popularity and hello 'issues'.
People vote along party lines by indicating what issue/s concern them e.g. abortion and civil rights, but what many Americans forget is the essence of the ideas in the Constitution and how they're relevant to the philosophical ideas of the Founding fathers BEYOND the US Constitution. :)

nova said...

ah... freedom, liberty and justice... do you think they are still around, sis? :)

Zydah said...

They have pretty much taken away even before 9/11.. we had intelligence agencies wiretapping calls and even taped President Nixon's conversaion during Watergate.. that wasn't supposed to happen..