Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Innocent Cartoons and Fancy Brands? Think Again...

Warning: Watching cartoons, dramas and movies, reading comics, and vying for the Brand may NOT be as fun and indulging as before after reading what is below. If you think it is better to keep "the fun and indulgement" of doing those stuffs (not all, but overwhelmingly many), then EXIT now! If you wish to continue, then I pray may we together open the parachute of our mind.

Before I begin with what I am going to elaborate in this post, allow me to quote a translation of Al-Nas, a chapter in the Noble Qur'an, which more or less as follows:
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind, The King (or Ruler) of Mankind, The God (for judge) of Mankind, - From the mischief of the Whisperer (of Evil), who withdraws (after his whisper), - (The same) who whispers into the hearts of Mankind, - Among Jinns and among Men. (The Qur'an 114:1-6)

When I was a little child, perhaps people of my age, cartoons such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King etc. were the "staple food" of our life (yes, I mean that quite literally). Why not? Those cartoons teach "good values" such as being good to other people, being loyal etc.? And what's wrong with watching cartoons, other than school hours and homework sessions, for kids? They are totally harmless and what more, cartoons spur creativity among children and make their parents easier to take care of them because they don't go out and play outside the house that make them "tame". I for once, subsribed to this line of thinking...

Next is about the Brands and their so-acclaimed luxury, statuses, deliciousness (whatever positive qualities associated to them). No, I am not talking about the things here (this is a different story altogether), rather, I am talking about the logos, mottos, and catch-phrases that may be familiar to us. So familiar that we don't even have to take our time to memorize those logos and catch-phrases over and over again that they suddenly come at the tip of our tongue at the first instance's call - we are imbued with them. Harmless?

Yes, those were harmless, fun, invigorating, indulging, etc. (and so I thought) until I get acquainted with the term subliminal message (watch the video clips I am about to provide and you'll know the definition). Yes, the subliminal messages are all around us. We did not realize them because they are so sublime (halus). They are powerful tools used to penetrate our mind and instill us with values and ideas without we even realizing them. That's how powerful they are.

Are you ready to shatter your childhood dream of being a cartoon hero and do away with all those the egos of branded stuff ? You can still turn back, NOW! If not, here you go...

Sex Subliminal Message in Cartoons and Advertisements

Sex Subliminal Message in a Very Famous Ninja Cartoon of Our Time

More Sex Subliminal Message from One of the Most Favorited Cartoons of My Time

Subliminal Messages from Popular Brands and Cartoons (some images may be recur, similar to videos before)

Getting acquainted with subliminal messages and where they hide already? Now, do the "detective role" yourself. See if you can pick them up. (Hint: not necessarily, but not limited to, graphics; they may come in form of sounds as well):

To conclude, now remember the Whisper mentioned in the Quran as I quoted earlier? Yes, sublime indeed, they are. They have agendas to poison our mind and cloud our thinking and so we must protect ourselves from those malevolent agendas by equipping ourselves with due knowledge and sharpen our senses - especially our mind and our spirituality. An advice for me and you: be ever watchful of what enters our mind; what are seemingly innocent are not necessarily innocent. I pray we be safe from those evil whispers.

Perhaps it is time to rethink and reassess ourselves - are we still dreaming in broad daylight? Are we dreaming while we are awake and live in a false reality?

The Bible reminds us:
"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:32)

O God, "show us the straight way"! (The Quran 1:6)



Intan Nadia said...

I took Advertising and Marketing Communication Module last time,and we do learn a lil bit about the power of subliminal messages to peoples mind in marketing context.

At first I doubt it.But as we learn in depth,I realize the subliminal messages do influence our behaviour as we seek for collective of signs that we are familiar with around us.

Currently, we are being bombarded by thousands of advertisement everyday.It really scares me since most marketers only think of saying things in the right way,and not necessarily saying about the right things.

The Metal said...

well, I've seen this before. But, do u think the children are gonna see those images unless they're freezecam? Most of the examples are just too fast to notice even if you train yourself. I believe, unless ur looking for it deliberately, ur likely just gonna missed it.

Besides, most of it is just the word sex. Is sex so bad? Not unless it's before marriage. I don't think sex is any more popular now, than before television was introduced. It's the nature of living beings.

What if we make a message of our own in those pictures/movies but add "after marriage" after the word sex? Don't u think that would be better? Although, it may be too hard to hide them then.

nova said...


"...most marketers only think of saying things in the right way, and not necessarily saying about the right things."

I think that is true. That is why I think it is necessary for us to equip ourselves with "detection tools" in form of knowledge and awareness so that we can resist even the delicate lines.

The Metal,

No, I don't think children would be able to recognize the images in a flash. Even if you freezecam the video, I don't think children would recognize them either (as a matter of fact, most adults can't!).

That's the intention of subliminal message - it wants to pass through 'mental guards' like thieves avoiding security alarms; the more subtle they are - the better! How it can be bad, you ask? Well, let me put it this way...

Assume one's brain as an OS. In an OS, you install other software (that is... your knowledge, experience) you obtained from WiFi, DVDs, keyboard etc. (that is... your ears, nose, eyes, etc.). Now, these subliminal messages are like "unwanted programs" in an OS. While few unwanted programs are meant for pranks, many are harmful such as malware, spyware, etc. etc. that tinker with your OS without you knowing it.

As for "sex", I use this just for an example in this article. To attack or defend it is beyond the scope of this article. In fact, others even use "dollar money" and "obey" as their hidden messages.

True, subliminal messages can be used for good. For an instance, in Muslim culture, every born boy and girl infants are chanted and whispered Athan and Iqamah to their ears. I doubt the babies would immediately understand the words uttered. But even listening to the Athan, with its melodic tone and message of remembering God, creates positive sublime vibrations interpretable only by the child's mind but not his/her infant undeveloped precept.

Perhaps one make an experiment and try putting up words such as "peace" and "calm" in ads and see the effects, no?

Zydah said...

I find the Spongebob clip rather amusing... I am a big fan of Spongebob and I never noticed those things, tskk. But it is nice to have a look at the different side of things.

I think you may be interested in reading about the Bilderberg group and the secrets of the Freemasons and New World Order. And how those ideas kind of tied in to the social, economic and political fabric of America and the rest of the world :)

nova said...


Yup... there are everywhere... even in your favorite Spongebob.

Indeed, NWO, Bilderberg, Freemasons etc. are more interesting stuffs to comprehend and connecting them with current world scenarios would even be more breathtaking! Are you into them, sis? Perhaps I could hear some from you...

Zydah said...

Got on the bandwagon quite recently.. :( even if the truth is suppressed from the general public.. they seriously made sense esp in the light of the recent economic crisis.. things don't appear simply because.. there always has to be reasons...

makes you wonder why you went to college in the first place and what worth those green papers are, heeheehee