Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Politics of Honor: A Lesson Learned from US Primary Election

I wish to save the analysis about the outcome of the election results which should be mushrooming right now as we speak in blogs, journals, and mass media alike. However, I would like to highlight a lesson I learned most in Obama-McCain Presidential Election, of what I call "politics of honor".

After enduring through a long and hard campaign, Obama and McCain met at their final battle yesterday, and the the world had witnessed Obama's triumph. Yet he is not an arrogant winner. Even during early on in his victory speech, Obama reverenced his opponent as "brave and selfless leader" who had "endured sacrifice for America that most of us cannot even begin to imagine". The same goes to McCain who is one of the better examples of creditable politicans. In, his concession speech, offered his sincere condolence to Obama's late grandmother and recognized her role for raising a "good man", Obama. Even during at the emotional peak of his crowd, he managed to remain amazingly calm and prevented his crowd from booing his opponent. Now, that's noteworthy!

I can continue quoting on and on with their honorific words towards one another. But, I think it is best for you to witness yourself:

Obama's Acceptance Speech:




McCain's Consession Speech:

In short, the two candidates can be summarized in one word: honorable. Perhaps we have heard too much of Machiavellian politics that it is almost imbued in us, even spelling out the word "politics" itself implies some sort of necessary evil that underly it. But, after following the America's most recent election, I believe that there is still good in politics, and good men and women are alive and well in it. Yes, Obama and McCain are licking each others' wound after a long fight for the Presidency. Yes, both agree that they need to work together for towards the building of a nation. Yes, they both addressed the blessings of their American citizenship where equality and opportunity are cherished towards achieving a common goal, for America, however the differences between them. Indeed, America is lucky to have two great men competing for the highest office of the State. Indeed, both are highly credible men of reason. Only this time, America had chosen Obama.

Last but not least, perhaps this is a sign for the world that the old order of politics is reaching its end, and the new dawn of political scenes are emerging. With Obama (assisted by Biden) leading the greatest nation in the world, and McCain being his prime balancer, we are going to witness "audacity of hope" and "change" that shall reshape America.

Soon, the winds of change shall reach distant shores around the world. To quote the Scorpions:

"The wind of change,
Blows straight into the face of time,
Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell,
For peace of mind."

I am looking forward to see what impact it shall bring to our nation. As excited as I am, let us also move forward for a better Malaysia. (Psst... we don't want to be left behind, do we?)


kamen said...

ahaha.. nice post!
i like the way obama n mcCain did their election. presidential election to be exact! and the both still can be honorable and as just as they can be. they are not selfish men who want the position for themselves but for the nation.
and i really love the way you whisper to us in the last sentence;) yep, we totally dont want to be left behind! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Thuaibah said...

yeah ...really agree..they are so gentlement