Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hevenu Shalom Aleinu - Ma Ana Ajmal Min Salam!

Arab-Israeli conflict is arguably the most bitter and still ongoing conflict haunting the world today. We have heard of statements from politicians of both sides (and/or of parties supporting either side) signaling as if the conflict would stay for another hundred years. While Arab-Israeli conflict is a complex and delicate matter to comprehend, let alone to solve, there still exists among Arabs and Israelis as people of the same root to coexist and live in peace together as they once did many, many years ago.

Politics aside, I wish to invite dear readers to listen to these beautiful voices calling for peace between Arabs and Jews. The singers are Arabs and Jews themselves and is sung in Arabic and Hebrew:

Hevenu Shalom Aleinu ( Hebrew for: We Brought Peace Upon Us):

Another song I would like to invite readers to enjoy is a peace song in Hebrew entitled "Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu". This is a simple song, yet, with a message profound and telling:

Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu (Hebrew for: Peace Will Come to Us):

Od yavo' shalom aleinu
[Peace will come to us]
Od yavo' shalom aleinu
[Peace will come to us]
Od yavo' shalom aleinu
[Peace will come to us]
Ve al kulam (x2)
[and on everyone]

Salaam (Salaam)
["Peace" in Arabic]
Aleinu ve al kol ha olam,
[On us and on everyone]
Salaam, Salaam (x2)

Yes, we do not listen to too many of these songs and their likes in the mainstream media. More often than not, what we hear and witness from the mainstream media are failed peace talks, suicide bombings, guns rattlings, and wounds and deaths from these two brethren (the Arabs and the Jews) in conflict, as if reconciliation between them is impossible. And yet, there are among these two brethren who do not give up hope for peace as their conscience still speaks loud in them, albeit in many occasions cornered by opportunists of the fray.


As said...

i wonder, until when it should last..

david santos said...

Nice Day for Malasian people!!!