Friday, February 26, 2010

1st Original Guitar Solo Compose: What a Day

Hey everyone,

This is my attempt ever to compose a song with music. The song is about happiness in everyday life of himself/herself of small good things in life such as good weather and company from friends and family. He/She hopes to be able to share and give the happiness to others too as he/she enjoys it.


Oh what a lucky day to see
the sun shines so brightly,
The sky so blue and the earth so green
with sweet fragrance of flowers.

What a lovely day
to see wide smiles of people,
Greeting "peace"
as they meet each other.

How I wish the world
will never be sad,
But I know the world
will never be like that,
But I'll try!

Oh what a happy day
to watch kids playing by,
Running and leaping
As they burst with laughter.

What a joyful day to be
with my loved ones,
Tender kisses and hugs they give
oh so warm!

But there are times
we must be far apart,
And the loneliness and hardship
will come by,
Never give up!

Oh how grateful I am
to still have the chance,
To see and feel
the blessings of life.

I will find my way to give
the happiness to others,
So they can share
the blessings, too!

1 comment:

Serikandi Yaya said...

cantik...lirik yang begitu mendalam maksudnya..