Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trivial Words and Weighty Thoughts

Heavy are trivial words to the heart,
For they empty it,
Light are weighty thoughts to the mind,
For they fill it.

So many words are spoken,
Yet little meaning they carry,
Alas, alas...

So little thoughts are given,
Yet many things demand them,
Alas, alas...

Such world, dreamworld!
Trivial is weighty,
Empty is full,
Lie, illusion!

Don't fall for it...
Don't crave for it...
Don't, don't!

1 comment:

leona said...

slm jani. mgkin awk mok nga vd the arrival. banyak episode. or mgkin awk dah tga.. =) mun blm, nanggala =)