Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Short Tale of Earthlings, Their Masters, and the Tongue

Have one ever feel powerful when one utters something beyond comprehension of the ears that listen? Be those utterances are only simple greetings or statements, or perhaps an explanation for a chord of complex mathematical formulas, the speaker of the tongue, because of the obscurity of his or her speech to the one who lends his or her ears, had managed to confound the attentive ears. Who love to be confounded, intentionally or unintentionally? It takes more than a time to lend those ears and yet the return of those priceless investment is confusion and incomprehension!

On the side of the tongue that speaks, perhaps he or she may possess deep understanding about the words he or she utter. But because of his or her alien tongue, how on earth and its unfortunate earthlings to understand a crumb of what he or she is saying? To guess the earthlings may, but not for long because guessing alone would only lead to a labyrinth which the earthlings will never find a way to escape. In the end, the earthlings will decide to just be content to sit in the labyrinth, or made to be contented, just because of the endless incomprehensible twists of their Master's tongue.

Such is the pride of their Master: to keep their high ideals and piles of golds and the thrones upon themselves. Such obscure utterances are their pride even though the utterances are in fact of lesser utterances among many utterances. Yet, they strive to adopt those Grand Words despite their earthlings' total lack of comprehension of those words! To be as grand as them the Master convinced the earthlings, and the earthlings nodded without questions - an empty nod of course.

Ten dials have passed and the earthlings are as they were : obscured by their Masters' tongue, envying the Martians who are now far more sophisticated than they are. Of course the Martians still speaks Martians, but the difference is that the Martians can utter the Grand Words with ease, along with other lesser Words. Then few of the earthlings that know staged up an uprising to the Master, demanding restoration of their earthly tongue, leaving the Masters' challenged of his/her wisdom.

Still, the saga continues...

(Unfinished story...)

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