Sunday, February 22, 2009

Of What We are "Taught"

In school and college:
  1. Textbooks are (almost) always right - don't ever attempt to contest their contents if you want to get an "A" and maintain a public image (Chances are you will sound like a freak if you question a point or two from those "holy books" that cost you an arm or a leg every time the school opens).
  2. Study FOR exams: Study hard guys and girls so that in exam you guys can get an "A". Whatever happens to what you've learned after exam does not matter - trash it or keep it, your choice as long as you excel in exams.
  3. Get into Deans List and Honors program to demonstrate your "intellectual gifts".
  4. Fulfill certain hours in certain subjects with certain grades, and get a piece of paper to be used to find a "good job".
  5. Party, have fun and be merry. People are young after all. Once you are married, you are 'tied' and no longer have 'freedom' of bachelors' life.
  6. CGPA is all-important: Flunk it and there goes all the points above down the drain.
In TV:
  1. Watch drama, watch more series, more and more. You know, we should feel sad and cry because that beloved, handsome, macho hero had died and we gotta know what's next. Can't afford to miss 'em!
  2. Ah, beauty and get sexy! Girls, wear as few as possible because that is liberty and a sign of self-confidence. Have certain size on your waist, trim certain hairs on your face, show up your assets, and act kinky-innocent so guys will drool over you. Guys, remember... fat bank account, being Mr. President, a silver tongue, and a six pack are the ideals. Fall short of that, and no chicks would adore you (you know... no shouts of aaaaaaaaahhhhhh... when you pass by them).
  3. Buy and buy and buy! Dude, nobody uses your week-old phone anymore. Go grab a new one NOW!
  4. Watch news guys and get "informed". Watch people die, skies crumble, shouting matches, and more! Yeah, you don't have to think too much about them since the news channels already have the analysis done for you from their "enlightened" "prophets" and "sages". Make sure you do what they tell you to do, or else...
  5. Make sure to follow who's at the top of the mountain this week. Is she her in who's the most chicky contest? That bands of guys who can ran 3 miles at full speed and kickin' - yeah, lots of pompom girls, too. Be like them for their way to success is indeed an example.
In the Internet:
  1. Let yourself be known. Make sure to update your profiles, add new pictures, write stuffs, so that your friends (and others) can know about you. You know, many would have been concerned if you changed your status from "male" to "female" especially from those who matters.
  2. Cheap deals and it's just one click away!
  3. (same as pt. #1, 3, 4, 5 in TV)
  4. Watch and put anything your heart desires, ANYTHING!
About money:
  1. Remember to keep that green paper safe and have lots and lots of digits in your bank account (even though the green paper has no real value at all... that's right, not even an ounce of gold)
  2. Work FOR them. With them, you can show love to your wife by giving her that 1lb. diamond, bring your children into that Lala land where dreams come true, and of course... get that dream sports car, exotic pina coladas... ONLY money can BUY you those... (forget about "there are things money can't buy", it is just an empty slogan).
About faith and religion:
  1. Come on, don't get too serious (even better, don't get serious at all). Let's laugh at the naked Jesus (it's just a joke), and don't make a fuss with Muhammad with a bomb on his head (freedom of speech and expression, you know).
  2. Come on, you get other better things to do than attending boring sermons and reading stuffs only for goody-two-shoes: you won't even get extra credits for your CGPA from them. Also, there are many, many other fun stuffs ready-made just for you. Just tune in the TV...
  3. Be a (seemingly) good man and woman, but what is in the heart doesn't count.
  4. Know that God exists, but serving Him or not is another matter.
  5. What are in there in those Scriptures? Come on, you are reading fairy tales! Read other stuffs instead, for pundits... read world-class and certified compiled booklets to get your facts right. For slackers, ummm... wanna get hot with some Playboy?
About governance and government:
  1. Yup, the boss is always right. If your boss is in the blue team and you're in it, you better listen and give your best against the red team and vice versa.
  2. Never mind the Constitution, who bother to read them after all. Let others read it for you instead, shall we?
About natural sciences:
  1. Biology: Remember, only the fittest survives and in whatever means!
  2. Chemistry: Ultimately, we are indestructible building blocks that we know as "material".
You can add up the list on your own...

What the world we are living in...


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syafiq said...

it's all coming back to our purpose of life..

Aya-chan said...

very true... huhu..

Guilt of Innocences said...

that probably sums up life these days...

Zydah said...

government + media = monster
religion + truth = the warriors n shining armor :D