Thursday, January 15, 2009

Solidarity for the Palestinians: Witness the Conscience Awakens!

No, the world will not be deceived anymore:

(If you like the background song, you can download it here.)

For Palestine, for justice, and for peace; this young lady is a fine example of the cause. We may not be as her, but her spirit is worthy to be followed:

There's a lot to be done this year hereafter.

But let's get our voice right. It's not the Jews that we are against; we are against the Zionists!

And this is what some Jews (not Zionists!) have to say about war in Gaza:

What are difference between Zionism and Judaism, you may ask? Perhaps these short clips may give some answers:

It is also important to note that not all Israelis support the war. Witness a Gaza war protest in Tel Aviv:

Now things can be quite curious, eh? Perhaps its time to educate ourselves more about Israel-Palestine issue and about Zionism.

Hint: YouTube may be a good place to start. Search 'Zionism and Judaism', 'Gaza protest', 'Israel' and there's a good chance that you can come up with tons of videos about pertaining topics.

But there's no shortcut if we want to really understand these complex topics (Israel-Palestine conflict, Zionism and Judaism), though; we really must read a lot, join forums, and be engaged with the communities.

Now, care to get involved and ride along the peace train?

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frosted flakes said...

i like that song..good one author.