Friday, January 23, 2009

Er... President Obama, First Days in Office and Seventeen People Dead Under Your Order Alrealdy?

And so the confetti and trumpets celebrating the 44th President and the 1st African-American President of the United States is over. Euphoric scenes can be seen in US media depicting a sea of people attending Mr. Obama's inauguration. Fair enough.

But, Mr. Obama, WHY did you decide to kill seventeen people during the first day of your office in the name of "war on terrorism"?

You should have know better President Bush used the very same reason for his invasion of Iraq, a war which you vehemently oppose. Where is the audacity of hope that you promise to the forgotten corners of the world? Does this means that this is just another "audacity" in American foreign policy to destablize another region (after the Middle East) of the world?

Where is HOPE and CHANGE that you trumpeted throughout your campaign? Are we dreaming an empty hope here? Is change that you promise is only a change in venue of war that your country is waging?

Mr. Obama, on the day you won your ticket as a President of the United States, the world cheered for you hoping that you would be a symbol of the end of racism, a symbol of tolerance, a symbol of peace, and a symbol of United States' reclaim of her honor. While I agree with you that there are tremendous tasks ahead for you and the American people, you should have know better that by launching a covert operation (and killing people) during the first days of your Presidentship does not bode well in your record as well as dealing with a very intricate issue in Indo-Pakistan area right now. Why do you think your ally, President Musharraf, do not agree with the attack on the first place? Don't tell me that you are discounting your own ally's opinion: remember that American troops are in fact in their territories right now and they ought to know better!

Now that you are the 44th President of the United States and there is only one American President in the office and that is you; can you please make a statement about Gaza? The world is much it the waiting of what this new President of hope and change has to say about the ongoing issues of Israeli-Palestinian confict that are currently robbing thousands of lives in just a few weeks. Don't tell me business as usual for the Palestinians and the Israelis; quite obviously, if you watch YouTube about Gaza, business is not as usual as you may expect (or you may already know).

Last but not least, what is your plan about current financial crisis haunting your nation and the world right now? Your people and the world is waiting for your words right now. Will we hear a whole series of bailouts again in the media or is there a more viable alternative other than helping these corporate giants on their knees and helping ordinary Americans instead? Hey, perhaps you should listen more to guy such as Ron Paul in formulating your methods to tackle current financial crisis - his voice is so cornered in the Congress and yet is so sound when it comes to addressing about issues regarding Israel-Palestine and the economy.

Just a rant from a boy who really HOPE for CHANGE from POVERTY to PROSPERITY, INJUSTICE to JUSTICE, INDIFFERENCE to CONSCIENTIOUSNESS, and from INSECURITY to PEACE really do happen during my time.

We don't want another war, please.

The world is watching you, dear Mr. President.


frosted flakes said...

As the President of the USA, the world is watching him and he should do what he has promised..and author..thanks for this new info and somehow makes me to rethink about this thing..

Zydah said...

No offense or anything of that sort, but most of Obama's executive picks are known to be staunch supporters of Israel.

Rahm Israel Emanuel, the current c is Jewish and he is known for his hawkish approach to foreign policy. Obama doesn't make decisions just as he wishes... he has the EOP (Executive Office of the President) advisers to gain info from and "make the decisions in his best judgement". Then again it makes you wonder if there are underlying interests beyond Obama's table...

nova said...

well... some felt cheated with Obama's notion of "change" in his campaign. but truly, we never know yet how these political plays will perform in the near future. let's see...

hmmm... perhaps things would be much different if Kucinich or Dr. Paul was voted into the White House, no?