Sunday, October 26, 2008

Leave the Dwelling of Yesterday

Pilgrim o pilgrim,

Leave the dwelling of yesterday,
For the abode is no more,
Leave the happiness that may,
Together with sigh and sorrow.

Vagabond o vagabond,

Leave the dwelling of yesterday,
Lest its shadow shall haunt you,
With stories deceased,
And in your mind they shall persist,
And so shall you perish,
If you choose yesterday to cherish.

Wanderer o wanderer,

Leave the dwelling of yesterday,
For the present is here knocking at your door,
Hoping much from you to shape its way,
To walk and work for evermore,
Until the time come when you will rest,
And so shall you witness the Blest,
Of your deeds and endeavors,
Thus, walk now for your good favor!

Traveler o traveler,

Leave the dwelling of yesterday,
For the oasis of today,
But watch out the mirage of tomorrow,
For hopes, dreams and ambitions are not straight arrows,
Yet never give them up altogether,
Lest your spirit shall wither,
By losses of the past and caravans of the present,
Keep walking nonetheless,
Keep seeking nevertheless,
At your very best.

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