Sunday, February 3, 2008

Seeking for the True Solace

The heart will never be at true solace,

If the mind refuse to venture,

Far beyond the comfort and hassle,

Of the ordinary and the trivial.

The flesh may think it is all enough,

For just to sit there and eat and drink,

Without a hint of how this world spins,

Save for whether or not the belly is full.

Even if the belly is full right now,

Do take heed!

Deception, deception!

For simply to think,

That it will never be empty tomorrow.

If we say the concern of the world is not ours,

That they are many others who are starving, sick,

Oppressed, depressed,

And the excuse is…

That’s not out our problem, it’s theirs!

How deceiving such deception is!

And to the nature,

Her virginity we do rape,

The trees we cut, if we can, cut them all,

The hills we flatten, we replace with condos,

The creatures we kill, overmuch,

For the economy, we say,

Is that true?

But the Theorem says – maximum utility we get is at the moderation, not excessive.

So how can we explain the rape?

And if we insist on the excuse…

That’s not our problem, it’s theirs!

How deceiving such deception is!

And our mind, we guard not or choose to guard not,

From the arrays of the so-called facts,

When we hear a grandiloquent speech,

Read the tomes,

Watch the media,

And oh, we say, this must be the truth

Because they say so!

But have we reasoned enough?

Or care not to reason?

Again, the excuse…

That’s not our problem, it’s theirs!

How deceiving such deception is!

About God, how many times do we remember Him?

Ah, today, I’ve got an appointment with Mr. President,

This evening, I’ve got a club meeting,

Tonight, I’ve got a great movie to watch.

Work, fun, eat, and then sleep,

Work again, fun, eat, and then sleep.

Now, should we again come with the excuse…

It’s not our problem?

And we claim piety,

But piety is not merely reading the Holy Book,

But more of practicing what it says,

Do we bother to filter the rhetoric?

And be able to think for our own?

For that, should we excuse ourselves again and say…

It’s not our problem?

Too many it is to spell each and every culprit

Of the true solace…

We haven’t touch about the philosophy, yet,

Nor about the arts,

Or much about the ethics,

Let alone the science…

Even so, this poem still gets too long,

And preachy.

As how overwhelming it may be,

To read this poem up to this long,

And to bear with the nags,

Perhaps, that is the weight of our misdeeds, or more.

I don’t really know.

But what I know is,

For every moment we breathe,

We owe debts to our Creator,

I know we can never be perfect,

Nor He expects us to be perfect,

But is that an excuse to not better ourselves?

And should we again say…

It’s not our problem?

Wake up, wake up now!

The true solace…

Do seek!

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