Sunday, February 3, 2008

A New Place, A New Hope...

Hello there,

I guess this is a new place for me express my thoughts. I tried to move to WordPress before but I found out that I was 'lost' with all the tools it had. So, I guess this one would be more fitting to me.
Happy reading!


nsdahlia said...

salaam~ keep on blogging bang shazani! :) ehehe.

Farhan said...

glad to know that you have moved here. I'm looking forward to share thoughts and ideas with you here.

ps:letak la cbox kat blog ko ni jani.blh aku spam.

nova said...

thanks! :)

ko pun letak la gak... x kan ko nk spam sorg2 kot... kuikuikui
anyway, im looking forward to share my thoughts with u2!