Friday, February 8, 2008

Falling in Love with this Girl

Who's this? Is she another American Next Door lass, you may ask? A fair question. The answer is... yes! But NOT just another American next door girl. To be honest, I have so much love with this girl (wow, it's amazing to make an open confession of love in a public blog like this. Now gossips would spread... haha). She's young, she's pretty, I agree. But there's more... much more than those. What are they? Perhaps this video would tell:

Now you know why I love her. You even know her name; it's no secret.

Insya Allah, in the future, I will write more about this wonderful girl, her life, her cause, and reflections that we could learn from her.

For now, it is suffice for me to stop here for the love story may be long; the love story well beyond Romeo and Juliet, Sita and Rama. This is a love story of peace and justice; a love story transcending nationality, culture, race, and beliefs...


Ja Mustapha said...

shazani dear! jgn link kan saya boleh? hehehe. terima kasih!

nova said...

baik fareza. link awak telah dipadam. hehe

amina said...

se ni,
zhu ni shengri kuai le!!