Sunday, February 3, 2008

Benefits of Becoming a Muslim

1. As far as the Creator (whose proper name is
Allah) is concerned, you will be able to identify Him
and get to know Him, His role and your relationship
to His names, you will be able to communicate
with Him any time, 24 hours a day, throughout the
whole year. As a result of this category, you will be
able to know your origin, your roots and the
wisdom as to why you are on this planet. You will
be able to have good answers to the questions
why, how, when, where, what and other
philosophical questions.

2. As a result of the first benefit, your loyalty,
allegiance, and obedience will be to the Creator
himself. You will transcend yourself from all types
of allegiance for this world. This means that if there
is a conflict of interest between your boss, your
job, your government, your system or any worldly
relationship with the Creator, you will undoubtedly
put your trust in Allah, the Creator of the universe.
You will follow Him before you follow anyone else.

3. As a result of the second benefit, you will be
able to acquire peace, harmony, tranquility and
happiness within yourself, with your family, with
people of the world, with the environment and with
the universe. One has to remember that the source
of peace is Allah, and one of his beautiful names is
that He is The Peace.

4. As an endorsement to the third benefit, you will
get rid of the extra electrostatic charges from your
brain and the central nervous system by performing
the daily Salah. Through Salah, you are to
prostrate by putting your forehead to the floor; and
as such are grounding yourself, and you are
discharging these extra charges into the ground.
As a result of this act, you will get rid of many of
the neurological diseases from your body.

5. As a result of the fourth benefit, you will acquire
a pleasant personality. You will be friendly and
amicable. You would not need to drink alcohol, to
use drugs or to get involved in vulgarity or

6. Through the experience of fasting in Islam, you
will be able to have self-control, self-restraint, self-
discipline, self-education, self-evaluation, and self-
obedience to Allah the Creator. You undoubtedly
will be able to improve health, personality,
character, and behavior.

7. As a result of the sixth benefit, you will be able
to control your lusts, selfishness, desires, greed,
ego, and conceitedness.

8. Another side reaction of the sixth and seventh
benefits is that you will be generous and
hospitable; you will try to purify yourself and your
mistakes by sharing your happiness and your
wealth with those who are less fortunate than you.
Your rewards will manifold, compounded daily until
the Day of Judgment.

9. By performing pilgrimage to Makkah, you will
transcend yourself from being nationalistic,
sectarian, or denominational into being universal.
You will be part and an essential constituent of the
rainbow of Islam. You will be also part of the
brotherhood of Islam with those who already
submitted themselves to the Creator. At the same
time, you will get rid of any inferiority or superiority
complexes. You will also find yourself in synchrony
and harmony with all the prophets and messengers
of Allah since the creation of Adam and Eve until
the last final messenger to mankind, prophet
Muhammad (pbuh). While in Makkah, you will be
able to visit the places of revelation of the Quran as
well as the places visited by prophet Abraham and
members of his family such as Hagar and Ishmael.
You will visit the place where the first astronauts,
Adam and Eve landed on earth.

10. In becoming a Muslim, you will do your best to
stop all types of exploitations in all their forms:
economic, biological, mental, spiritual,
psychological, political, etc.. You will also work to
liberate people and give them freedom of worship,
freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.
You will be a leader and help lead people to peace,
tranquility and happiness.

11. In accepting Islam, you will help to reduce all
types of social ills in the society: juvenile
delinquency, child abuse, domestic abuse, incest,
homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, premarital
relationships, extramarital relationships, and other

12. As a result of the eleventh benefit, you will
reduce and eliminate venereal diseases, AIDS, and
other diseases of similar nature in the society.

13. Finally, when you die, you will die at peace.
You will have a happy life in the grave and later,
eternal happiness. Angels at the time of death will
comfort you. They will also show you your place in
paradise. On the Day of Judgment, you will be able
to see and meet all the prophets and messengers
of God to mankind including Noah, Abraham,
Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. You will be able to
see and meet any and all of your friends and
relatives. You will live an eternal life of bliss in


The benefits mentioned above and many more
cannot be purchased with money anywhere in the
world. No one is to sell them to you or to advertise
them on TV. You have to take the initiative yourself
and try to acquire them by accepting Islam first
and then by practicing its teachings. You should
be honest with yourself, sincere, and truthful to the
Creator. You should try wholeheartedly to practice
what you believe, regardless of whether someone
else is good or not While seeking happiness is a
must, it should not be measured with other
people's standards or with material gains.
Happiness is from its potential to its kinetic forms.
People around you should feel your happiness as
well as benefit from you.

Are you ready to accept this challenge today?
Remember, tomorrow may not come, and it will be
too late?

By: Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D

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